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Combining photographic images to suggest a story, while creating a snapshot of life, is compelling to me in my work. Exploring urban environments, and working with a call and response method to hone in on images that are visually interesting are part of the process.

Digital work follows the trajectory of energy in each given environment. As an artist, I strive for images taken from a place of no restraint or clear destination. Process involves use of experimental applications that work to create mood. Pursuing new techniques, I rely on chance – to discover new processes. Adding media or producing on alternative substances, I aim to illustrate the chaos – while striving to create an uneasiness or tension of something about to happen.

Influences in my art practice include Joseph Beuys, JR, Gerhard Richter, Russian Constructivism and most recently the collages and drawings of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Goals include collaborative work and public art projects. 

Studios: United States • Germany

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